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Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

If you are looking for a personal, professional service to complement your day to day contracting then look no further than UmbrellaWorx.

Our uncomplicated, contractor-friendly service has been designed following feedback from contractors just like you.

We can offer you:

  • Quick set up
  • No Joining fees
  • Fixed Price service
  • Contract Reviews
  • Daily Payroll Run

We’d be delighted to work with you.

To get the ball rolling please call our team on 0161 710 0250. We will need proof of ID, your address and P45 from your previous umbrella company.


Once we have you registered, the switch over to using us is straightforward:


Agency Contact

We will contact your recruitment agency to make sure all the necessary contracts are put in place before you are placed out on assignment.



Complete Timesheet

As you have done in the past, simply complete your assignment and when you are ready to bill for your hours complete your agency’s timesheet and let us know the hours or days you have worked.




We will raise an invoice and send it to your agency and then await payment. We will chase for payment if nothing is received outside the normal time period.



Payment Made

We will chase for the invoice payment and when it is received we will process it and deduct the relevant employment taxes, our fee and pay you the net figure directly into your bank account via faster payments. Payments are processed immediately on the same day the funds clear and payment terms will be agreed with yourself and the agency at the start of the contract.



Payslip Issued

You will receive a payslip detailing your gross pay, relevant deductions and net pay.

We will try and make the switch over to us as painless, quick and easy as possible.

Ready to Switch?

Call us today on 0161 710 0250 to discuss your circumstances and to receive a free illustration.